Mouthpiece Ordnance MK7 Tuba Cup and Shank Combo


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Please Note: This combo requires a screw rim to be a complete mouthpiece.

The Mark 7 (Old LM7) is back! It began life as the 1HL heavy weight brass underpart in the mid 1990’s. In 2005, when we began incorporating designs into stainless steel, the 1HL morphed into the LM7.

This design is a Helleberg II cup with the exception of a modified throat (counter-bored) that gives excellent air-speed. The Mk7 combo includes the cup and shank whose interiors are identical to the earlier models. Your old LM7 rim will mount on to the cup but the old rim junction is slightly smaller than that on the current rims so there will be a small mis-match. , The MK7 shank has a 8.2mm (.323″) bore and externally is a “P” size- midway between the US and Euro tapers.

Additionally, for those who like to experiment, the MK7 cup is compatible with any of the following screw shanks: Symphony, Grand, Symphony X, Freelancer, Hitz, Helleberg, and Hersey.

For introductory purposes, we’ve made available a limited quantity of the gold and black H-Kote MK7 cups the plain stainless cups are out of stock.  Please let us know which color you prefer in the comments section of the order page.

The Mk7 is not yet in the spec sheet.

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