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* Please note the , Titan, Cantabile,  and Solo cup each has it’s own specific shank and can only be used with a cup of the same name. 

The following two cups can share shanks from the other model: Imperial and Bel Canto(Great Eb models).

The following tuba mouthpiece cup models can accept shanks from others in this list:  Symphony, Grand (Sellmansberger), Hitz, Hersey, Helleberg, Mark 5 (Deck), Mark 7 (LM7), and CJH.  The Freelancer and Symphony X screw shanks are compatible with cups in this list.

This top selling mouthpiece line is available as a 3-piece configuration including a rim, cup, and screw shank. These cups will be compatible with all of our Houser and Sellmansberger screw rims. The cup models will include the “Helleberg”, “Hersey”, “Hitz”, “Cantabile”, “Bel Canto”, “Titan”, and “CJH cb M”. Each cup model has a set of corresponding screw shanks to give the desired combination needed, and is offered in the standard “American” size or the larger “European” size.

The Parker-Bel Canto has a medium shallow cup and is well suited for chamber, solo, and higher orchestra playing. This mouthpiece is ideal for Eb/ F tubas and smaller ? BBb and CC tubas. The tone is rich, focused, and easily controlled. Fundamentals are centered with many additional tone colors and flexibility. The Parker-Bel Canto is an excellent mouthpiece for solo literature and works like the Damnation of Faust, Petroushka, and Mahler?s First Symphony from the orchestral repertoire.

The Parker-Cantabile has a medium shallow cup and is a good option for solo, chamber, and brighter/ higher orchestral playing. This mouthpiece works well with smaller contra bass tubas and is especially in depth for Eb/ F tubas. This could be the choice mouthpiece for a quintet player playing on any keyed tuba. The Cantabile offers a lot of functional appeal to the working player. Intonation and fundamentals are well centered on the Cantabile. The flexibility of the Cantabile makes it a great mouthpiece for works like Lohengrin and Symphony Fantastique.

The Parker-CJH cb M (contrabass medium) cup was designed for Chris Hall, principal tuba with the New York Metropolitan Opera. This mouthpiece is well-focused and colorful, and has a medium large cup best suited for CC and BBb tubas playing in Orchestra and Band. The size of the cup along with the variable backbores allows this mouthpiece to also work well in chamber and solo settings as well as on Eb/F tubas.

The Parker-Helleberg has a medium large cup and is well suited for orchestra and band playing. The tone is open, dark and clear with a focused fundamental core and projection. The dynamic control and stability of the low register makes the Parker Helleberg ideal for works like Prokofiev’s 5th Symphony, Hindemith’s Symphonic Metamorphosis, and Grainger’s Lincolnshire Posie. The intonation on the mouthpiece is very precise and consistent The partials in all registers slot very well making it an excellent mouthpiece for works like Wagner’s Overture to Die Meistersinger and Introduction to Act III of Lohengrin.

The Parker-Hersey was designed for Joanna Ross Hersey, and is one of our largest tuba offerings. The Parker-Hersey model has a large-sized cup and works well for larger instruments and ensembles. This mouthpiece has a unique and rich, dark, focused tone. It pairs well specifically with bigger tubas, but also adds a new dimension of depth to smaller horns. The Hersey is frequently used with an extended depth rim, creating an even bigger cup. Joanna plays her Hersey model with the HBG MOD 32.68 XD rim.

The Parker-Hitz has a medium sized cup and works well for quintet, orchestra, and band playing. The tone of the mouthpiece is dark, mellow, and centered. Intonation on the Parker-Hitz model is very centered and even throughout all partials. Designed for Andrew Hitz of the Boston Brass, this mouthpiece is geared for the player who has to play a little bit of everything. From Stan Kenton arrangements, quintet classics, solo playing, Shostakovich string quartet transcriptions and everything in between- this is the perfect mouthpiece for the cross style player.

The Parker-Titan has a medium cup and is targeted for the orchestral bass tuba as well as solo and chamber playing. This mouthpiece also works well with smaller contra bass tubas and is especially geared for Eb/F tubas that need the strength and clarity to support a large orchestra. This could be the choice mouthpiece for a quintet player playing on any keyed tuba or will serve well for larger F/Eb playing. The Titan offers a lot of practical appeal to the orchestral player. Intonation and fundamentals are well centered on the Titan. The flexibility of the Titan makes it a great mouthpiece for works like Petrushka and Mahler’s 1st Symphony.

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