About Us

Dave Houser began Houser Mouthpieces in 1989. He has a background in manufacturing and electrical engineering and was a “weekend warrior” trumpet player. Self-employment, however, leaves little time to continue “making war” with his trumpet.

Houser Mouthpieces developed its own proprietary scanning technology and uses CNC machinery to make the very best duplications and standard mouthpiece products.

In 2003 we began doing custom mouthpiece work in stainless steel and in 2006, by agreement, many of our designs were initially sold through Loud Mouthpieces and Sidey Mouthpieces. We discontinued the arrangement with Loud Mouthpieces early in 2011 and are selling the line directly under the Mouthpiece Ordnance brand with several new options not previously available.

In 2008, Houser Mouthpieces introduced H-Kote for stainless steel mouthpiece products. H-Kote is a proprietary application of either gold or black titanium nitride to the surface of stainless steel screw rims. It is superior to gold plated brass both in feel and durability and is hypo-allergenic.